Super Mario peeks from behind a curtain
What will be unveiled today? (pic: Nintendo)

The Thursday letters page doesn’t think AAA games on smartphones have much of a future, as one reader admires A Boy And His Blob.

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Being direct
Can I just give some praise to Nintendo? They make great games, everybody knows that, but this is about something different. While Sony has turned into an antisocial hermit and Microsoft keeps bending the truth so far it slaps them in the face, Nintendo are just sitting there quietly, releasing great games, doing regular showcases. and allowing previews of their games. There were hands-on previews Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom but I can’t remember the last time there was one for a Sony or Microsoft game.

It shows how topsy-turvy everything has got when Nintendo are the open and communicative one, and the other two are the ones that refuse to properly engage with fans and the press.

I doubt we’ll see the Switch 2 revealed in this week’s Nintendo Direct, but I imagine those rumours about a new Mario Vs. Donkey Kong and a F-Zero 99 game are probably true. They sound like small budget games they could slip in as a surprise at the last minute and that’s great. (Plus, Another Code remasters? Who was asking for those!)

You can bet Sony or Microsoft don’t have anything similar up their sleeves and that’s a shame. You can also bet that Nintendo won’t have to hide behind slickly made trailers to get their games looking good. Although, frankly, their name on the box/download is all I need to know at the moment.

Nintendo rarely lets me down and lately that’s been true of more than just the games.

Exciting day
Funny to hear that the Nintendo Direct rumours were true, again. I remember a time, not so long ago, when there were almost no Nintendo rumours and even when there were they never came true. Now it seems like they’re quite common, I guess because Nintendo are the only ones actually putting out new games at a decent pace? How times have changed, eh?

I’m not hoping for any big announcements on Thursday but I do expect a lot of smaller reveals and probably a few shadow drops – Nintendo seems to quite like those at the moment. Excitement, in other words, which has not been forthcoming at all from Sony this year.

I hope they have a State of Play this year as well but I’m not holding my breath. They are though and if they don’t come up for breath soon they risk doing themselves some serious damage.

No Man’s Starfield
I don’t necessarily want to add to the Starfield beatdown but I have to say that in terms of the space exploration, No Man’s Sky is a much better game. Starfield seems to be trying to copy it to a degree, with all the scanning and mining, but No Man’s Sky has so much more variety and depth and its planets and animals are lot more varied and interesting. Maybe they’re not as realistic – although I’m not sure how anyone could know – but they’re definitely a lot more interesting to explore.

To be honest, considering the budget and number of developers that Bethesda has I’m not really sure how they managed to make a game that was so behind No Man’s Sky, especially in terms of the whole space-to-planet transition.

Surely they should have had the time and money to do everything No Man’s Sky does and then add their role-playing stuff on top. Heck, they probably could’ve bought Hello Games and have them do it, with some pocket change Microsoft left in the sofa. Either that or they should’ve made sure their game couldn’t be compared to it.

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Fantasy business
That news about Square Enix does not sound good, I’m not going to lie. $2 billion and a 30% drop in value is not small beans. If Sony really does want to buy them then this is the perfect moment, and if they don’t then I imagine Microsoft does.

Or maybe they already feel that the company is too far gone and not worth the trouble? I’m not sure how big Dragon Quest still is in Japan but it’s never amounted to anything in the West. Final Fantasy is still reasonably big but I feel interest has been waning over the years, with Final Fantasy 7 Remake not being nearly as big as you would’ve thought.

I certainly wasn’t interested in Final Fantasy 16, due to the Game Of Thrones influences and I don’t think I was the only one. Square Enix need to prove they’re still a player and I don’t think even more Final Fantasy is the way.

Paging Jeff Goldblum
It was already pointed out but I don’t see how AAA games on iPhone are ever going to work if they charge full price for them. Nobody’s going to pay that and yet if they are substantially cheaper then console and PC owners are going to have a riot.

It’s kind of a moot point given how expensive the iPhone 15 Pro is but even so, it just seems like a publicity gimmick more than anything else. The number of people that will own that phone, pay something close to £60 to buy a game, and then sit and play it with a Bluetooth controller (surely no one would want to do it on a touchscreen?) must be tiny.

It’s interesting that it can be done, but I’m not sure why you’d really want to.

Speak plainly
Saying Bethesda haven’t done anything since 2011 was a sweeping statement based on my own opinion and not the best choice of words.

But were Fallout 4 and 76 as good as 3? Not for my money they weren’t. 76 had a notoriously bad start, it may well be fixed now but too little too late.

Fallout 4 was a sequel that was ironically inferior to what came before it.

What I should have said is Bethesda have been going downhill since Skyrim in 2011 and if the next Elder Scrolls sees release in 2028, that will be 17 years between the last instalment. So I stand by the gist of my last Inbox letter, the Microsoft buyout wouldn’t have happened in 2011/12 when Bethesda were at the height of their power.

Mr Blobby
I watched a video on A Boy And His Blob, which I never had seen before. Now I know it was remade for the Wii but it really got me thinking how cool this idea would be now in the hands of the right developer.

It made me think of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom in the limitless things you could create with your blob to solve puzzles and traverse a landscape. Are there any other games more recently that have used a similar idea?

GC: The blob’s shapes weren’t limitless but you’re right, it’s a great game. A remaster of the Wii remake is available on most formats.

Don’t kick yourself
With all the talk on Starfield, I thought I’d write in to put in my twopenn’orth. I have to be honest, but I’m really enjoying it. It might have helped that I haven’t played a Bethesda game since Skyrim (many years ago when it had just been released), so I haven’t really been burnt out on Bethesda.

I finished Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom just in time for Starfield’s release and the change in narrative has been really enjoyable. I must admit I am a science fiction geek, so that obviously helps. Having tried No Man’s Sky (after all the patches) I gave up because there was not enough of a coherent story. I get that the story in Starfield may not be perfect (I’ll have to judge that after I finish it) but the side quests have taken on my own journey, which feels individual.

I have never been the sort of gamer that wants to 100% any game, so with Starfield I am just going with the flow on where the game takes me. I don’t feel the need to visit every barren planet and start mining, but I’m more than happy travelling around if I pick up on an interesting story line and go with it. I have just stumbled on a side quest about terrormorphs, essentially a rip-off of the Alien franchise, and I am really enjoying it. It could possibly be a story in its own right and is surprisingly good for a mere side quest.

Yes, there are bugs, some actually quite funny, and if you just accept that they are there, you can still have an enjoyable experience. I guess if you have a particular interest in this type of genre, then you’ll likely get a kick out of it.
Subzero Radio

Inbox also-rans
Having re-read your Starfield review again after two days, I’m surprised it wasn’t a 5/10!

GC: We did consider it, but there’s enough we liked to rate it a little above average.

Here’s an exclusive Switch 2 rumour for you. One of the launch games will be Super m-AR-io Bros. using the already rumoured AR camera to allow you to play AR levels in your own home. I’m a big fan of AR gaming, maybe more so than VR so am excited at the prospect of this.
Mark Matthews

GC: We don’t know if you’re joking but we can totally see Nintendo using that name.

This week’s Hot Topic
The subject for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Onibee, who asks what new games would you like to see released for the Switch 2 in its first 12 months?

Rumours about Nintendo’s next console are gathering pace, with reliable sources claiming it will be roughly as powerful as a PlayStation 4 – or perhaps even more so. There has been some vague talk of new games, such as a new 3D Mario, but nothing substantial, so what would you like to see most in terms of first and third party games?

Try and keep things realistic – Nintendo isn’t going to release all its heavy hitters at the same time – but feel free to imagine your dream launch line-up, as long as it’s also reasonably believable.

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