"Unicaja is among the top five teams in the Endesa League 22/23"

“Unicaja is among the top five teams in the Endesa League 22/23”

The unibox this summer saw the biggest roster revolution in its history. 11 players left this transfer market seek a new destination after they weren’t planning to continue next year at Los Guindos. However, if there was a particularly painful exit for the supporters, it was that of Carlos Suárez, after nine seasons in Malaga. The former Unicaja captain will train next week with Carpus Fuenlabrada. Before heading to Madrid, Suárez attends La Opinion de Málaga to review this unique summer and the new Unicaja 22/23 squad.

How are you spending this “special” summer during which you got married?

Good. It served a little to disconnect. Apart from getting married and going on honeymoon, it has also been good for training and getting in shape for this new season.

How is he physically ?

I trained a lot with a personal trainer, Manu Garcia. I was with him all summer, from May until now that I will do the pre-season with Fuenlabrada to get the best possible and recover from this injury that I have already more than overcome.

How was born the possibility of being able to do the pre-season with “Fuenla”?

It is an opportunity that I have because my representative tells me that they give me the possibility of being with Fuenlabrada in pre-season and with the option that in the future, if I do not have opportunity outside Spain or in the league ACB, you can continue with them later if they see fit as the season progresses.

How was this summer in terms of offers? Have you received many offers from abroad or from Endesa League?

I’ve had occasional offers from outside of Spain, but they haven’t appealed to me. I haven’t seen them that handy. It’s true that two years have been complicated by injuries and maybe people have more doubts about my condition. I’ve had a few, but I’m in no rush. I am in training to join a project. I am now fully recovered. Then, if an offer seduces me, I take it, but there was not one that seduced me enough.

When will anything about his future be known? Is there a deadline for making a decision?

No, the truth is, I’m in no rush. Right now I’m calm. Monday I go to Madrid and Tuesday I will start training with Fuenlabrada. I will keep an eye out in case my representative is called for an opportunity that convinces me. Right now it’s time to train for a while, get in shape on the track to be in the best possible shape if they call me at some point.

In Unicaja code, what do you think of the new team?

They made, in my opinion, one of the best teams of recent years. It was also seen in the budget with big names who have been in big teams, former players who have been to Unicaja before or with some who fought in the Euroleague to qualify for the Final Four. I think it will be a good year for them. Unicaja is among the top five teams in the Endesa League 22/23.

Did it surprise you that the team had nine signings?

We had already said at the end of the season that it was going to be a change of cycle. The ideal results had not been achieved in the past two seasons and they wanted to make a drastic change. This was seen in the form of signatures. It didn’t surprise me. It’s true that it shocks. It doesn’t happen in teams like Unicaja, but time will tell if this change was for the best.

In case you continue in Spain next season, do you think much about your return to Martín Carpena?

You think. The return to Carpena would be very special, something different from everyday. I would also feel very strange, but it would be very nice to come home. I’m sure the fans will welcome me with open arms as they have shown since I arrived here in 2013, where I have always felt at home.

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