4 tennis brands 100% made in Mexico

4 tennis brands 100% made in Mexico

When you think of tennis, the big brands instantly come to mind, and it’s without much effort, the names that reign are: Vans, Converse, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, New balancejust to name a few… but, what about sneakers that are 100% made in Mexico.

On August 6 and 7, Sneaker Fever took place in Mexico City, on tennis fair the largest and most important in Latin America. Año con año desde el 2016 se convoca a all los entusiastas de los tenis a sistir, así como para exponer nuevas propuestas y también para que a las marcas ya posicionadas presenten sus tenis, para hacer de esta exposición una experiencia con miles de opciones de tennis to use.

In interview with The EconomistOmar Ruvalcaba, the co-founder of Sneaker Fever, said that “the malinchismo taboo is over, now people are already supporting local brands and designers. This was the edition in which we had the most national brands “.

For this reason, we offer you a list of brands that are 100% made in Mexico so that you give yourself the opportunity to consume and discover the urban shoes made in the country.

1.- Panama

This tennis brand, which in its acronym says Authentic national Mexican productwas born in 1962 in Naucalpan, State of Mexico by the alliance of two families, the Peréz and the Melhem.

The goal of these families was to create a shoe company with the three “Bs”, good, pretty and cheap. They did it! Their prices vary from 350 to 850 pesos and even with these prices they have discounts during the start of the school year.

They have collaborated with artists such as Molotovbreweries like Indianthe cafeteria My dear loved among many other capital brands such as Mexico City Metro.

Sneakers Panama They have three silhouettes: 084, Champion, Black Diamond and Meztlil Snow. Their materials are fabric and plastic which they buy and assemble in the country. More than 70% of the hands that work in this company are Mexican women.

2.- Skateboard Guild

This tennis brand for skaters was born in 2017 from the skateboarder Felix May Lozada, better known as Polo May, who created these shoes, together with his brother Marco May Lozada, specially designed for the practice of skateboarding.

In order to be able to make tennis for skateboarders, lovers of extravagance and always concerned about their comfort, it has gradually gained ground throughout the Mexican Republic and one of the CDMX outlets is in the store . Chilango skate. The design of these sneakers has 30 color variations. Their prices vary from 700 to 900 pesos.

They have 7 tennis models: Artezano, Medieval, guild, Mid 4:20, vulk burned 01 Yes 02 Bauths.

The brand’s founder, Polo May, in an interview for The Economist He said that “the brand’s logo is a fabric which means that the joined fibers are stronger”, as well as their creativity to make the sneakers they needed to practice the sport of skateboarding.

These shoes are made in León, Guanajuato, and as any connoisseur of the fashion industry knows… if the shoes come from León, it is synonymous with guarantee, resistance, price and quality.


This tennis brand whose slogan is “the new generation of Mexican tennis” was born from the revelation of a dream of Jorge Enrique García, owner and founder of COMPLEXION.

With the feeling that the international market was too present in the country and that the national market was not competitive, what he was looking for from the beginning was a national proposal so that this brand would not only be considered for the price, but also for quality and pattern.

In an interview for The EconomistJacob Figuero, Marketing Director said that “what is sought is the worthy representation of the sneaker in Mexico”.

This brand offers two models: LOKI, with 16 color combinations and 70s with 10 color variations.

The urban shoes of COMPLEXION It is a creation for all lovers of long walks, its materials are skins and suede from Leone.

They are made in León, Guanajuato and their construction makes them classified as a premium product, due to the resistance meshes that are inserted in the construction of the pair, which allows the perspiration to be released from the foot.

COMPLEXION joined for the first time sponsored by sneaker fever in the 2022 edition. Omar Ruvalcaba, co-founder of the exhibit, said he used the sneakers and it was such a pleasure that they were invited to be exhibitors, a practice that continues year after year at Sneaker Fever.

Its distributors are located in Plaza Lindavista and in the Cuauhtémoc Cultural Center and in Puebla in Plaza Solesta.

This shoe has gained market through online sales, its prices are around 800 Mexican pesos and as exclusive Jacob Figueroa, the marketing coordinator told us that they are about to launch a pair for skaters .

4.- Hey! Dog Shoes

the logo of Hey! Dog Shoes It’s a peeing puppy. That’s how fun the skate shoe that was born in 2010 is. In an interview with Luis Mojica, the brand manager told us that Hey! Dog Shoes “It’s a company designed to skate and the BMX (Bicycle Motocross) and opened up to other branches”.

Its beginnings occurred with the formation of a team of skaters and runners of BMX from all over the country, from Monterrey to Yucatan, and in the same way they are present throughout the republic.

One of his outlets is the Chilango Skate store, located in Tlatelolco, and with a spark of mischief and irreverence in the words of the founder, he told us that a bit of these sneakers using them, c is to be able to do what they want, where they want.

The tennis shoes have 9 silhouettes and 90 combinations, they use 100% natural materials: leather and suede, with synthetic lining and rubber sole. Its assembly and the purchase of material are done in San Francisco el Rincon, Guanajuato. Their prices are around 900 pesos and the names of their congeners are baptized with dog breeds such as: Chihuahua, El Bull Dog Gris, Bravo Negro Oxford, Terry, Duque, Alpha, Tango.

“We use dog names or breeds,” Mojica said. Additionally, he told us that the brand will be collaborating with a soon-to-be-revealed spray can brand, to do street art or graffiti very soon, as well as collaborating with rap artists to do more designs for street art. national.

The national tennis market is vast and today it shows itself to be fearless and ready to break down prejudices and impose its own style, design and build strong ties with its customers because often buying national fashion is bought suspiciously, but the quality with that any of these shoes are manufactured demands nothing from any other pair of any other brand.


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