47-75 |  Spain meet great Greece on their European debut

47-75 | Spain meet great Greece on their European debut


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47-75 | Spain meet great Greece on their European debut

08/13/2022 – 0:05

The team managed by Ángel Jareño could not start the European Championship with a victory against a demanding Greek team who kept the tempo of the match from the start. Despite the defeat, Spain were able to show positive elements with which our team will look for the first victory of the group stage against Montenegro on Saturday afternoon.

24-8 | 14-15 | 23-14 | 14-10View Full Stats Rooms
Greece 75 47 Spain Results
Stylianos Maragkoudakis 12 12 Mario Saint Supery max. scorers
Veniamin Ikengka Abosi ten 5 asier miguel max. rebounders

It hasn’t been a dream start, but the U16M national team will need to build on the hard work put in throughout the preparations to be able to aim for their first win on Saturday afternoon against Montenegro. A second assault that Ángel Jareño’s men will reach after the defeat suffered on a first day in which the Greek national team were superior throughout the 40 minutes of play.

A match in which the Greek national team entered the field with force to be able to take the initiative. Thus, the first baskets gave the national rival an extra dose of confidence to be able to impose their rhythm of play against a Spanish national team which was quickly placed under ten. And it is that, the external success of the Greek team undermined the offensive morale of Jareño’s men in the home stretch of a first quarter where the gaps were greater (24-8).

The national team did not give up and based on defensive work, the Spaniards managed to leave behind the first quarter sensations to be able to start a totally different game in the second quarter. Thus, Spain gained in defensive solidity and began to relax in attack with the first actions of men like Mario Saint-Supery (28-23). Spain had managed to prevail in the second quarter, but the differences on the scoreboard remained intact in favor of the rival, which gave the Greek national team a boost in a third quarter in which they gave the coup de grace to the clash (51-37) .

Things got complicated, but Spain did not give up in a home stretch that left positive details and in which the defeat did not deprive the team of good feelings on which the bases for a second round against Montenegro which will take place on Saturday. afternoon (47-75).

MVP of the game

Stylianos Maragkoudakis
17 Val.

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