Campazzo still in limbo: 'There is no deal with Real Madrid'

Campazzo still in limbo: ‘There is no deal with Real Madrid’

The surprising exit of Juan Núñeznail pearl career, with destination Germany (Ratiopharm Ulm) brought Real Madrid’s situation back to the fore with the almost complete 2022-23 season…waiting for a transcendental question in, precisely, the basic position. The same in which Núñez has seen little way to the track due to the presence, for now, of Sergio Rodríguez (who is returning), Nigel Williams-Goss (who has not left, although he has had one foot out), Sergio Llull (eternal, will again alternate minutes between a and the of them) and Carlos Alocén, empty with a knee injury since February.

white team, who starts the stage without Pablo Laso on the bench, he doesn’t want a repeat of last season’s management problemsespecially when the lesions were stacked and Discipline problems of Thomas Heurtel. The group therefore remains open in the absence of a last blow, of a capital gesture: the possible return of Facundo Campazzo. The Argentine base (31 years old) could complete the new project of a Real Madrid who saved the difficult last season with the title of champion and the disputed finals (and lost in extremis) in the Cup and in the Euroleague. Positive balance.

Signing Campazzo takes patience… and it will continue to do so. The desire of the Cordovan, he is tired of repeating it, is to continue in the NBA. It’s his dream, and he knows that at his age, an exit now would be essentially final.. He played two seasons (plus to minus) for the Denver Nuggets, and when the free agent market opened on July 1, he received no offers. The Rocky Mountain franchise had chosen not to retain its rights when it could have done so. making him a restricted free agent (or with a new contract, of course).

The tetris game continues at the same point more than a month and a half after this July 1st and while the news in the United States already describes a 2022-23 season which announces the calendar and which will start on October 18. Campazzo won’t do anything as long as there is a possibility of being in the NBA, and if that doesn’t happen in the end, everything points to him being a Real Madrid player. With something already signed, as the rumor has it? No, according to his agent Claudio Villanueva: “There is no agreement with Real Madrid. It’s true that they want it, that Facundo has always felt comfortable, but nothing has been signed with Real Madrid”.

Waiting for the big soap operas

In statements to D-Worldthe sports section of the Cordovan newspaper The voiceVillanueva insists again that nothing has changed, for now: “Facundo’s wish is to receive an offer from the NBA. If Facundo is calm, which is the important thing, we are calm”. This media cites other people around them, who also believe that the fact don’t have to retrace your steps in the United States: “Facundo is very confident in his abilities and that an offer from the NBA will come and we respect that.”

Now with the Argentina national team, with which he is preparing for the following qualifying matches for the World Cup (Canada and Bahamas) and the AmeriCup, Campazzo himself insisted that it was time to wait ( “I’m waiting for my situation in the NBA to be unlocked”) while Spanish agent David Carro, who also works with the point guard, sent a similar and, for now, clear message: “What I want is to reassure the fans of Argentina, because Facu is an NBA player, the NBA considers him an NBA playerthat’s how the teams passed it on, there are teams interested…”.

Like other players, Campazzo’s last ball hangs over the greats soap operas of the NBA market. The situation of Kevin Durant, who asked the Brooklyn Nets to transfer him, and Donovan Mitchell, the Jazz star who could change air, has paralyzed the pieces that remain to be located. A seismic movement, of such a dimension, will cause other smaller ones around it, and this is where Campazzo thinks it will find a home., with a price of patience, in the NBA. If Durant moves, and then surely also Kyrie Irving (his temperamental Nets teammate) then there will be player traffic between two or more teams. Also if Mitchell is traded. Not to mention if all three (a very real possibility) switch places in the coming weeks. After the earthquake, franchises would comb the market to finish their templates ahead of the impending new season. And that’s where Campazzo would come in. If this scenario doesn’t develop like this, Real Madrid’s door will open wide.

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