Happiness and calm at the Lakers: LeBron extends his contract

Happiness and calm at the Lakers: LeBron extends his contract

one of the finished soap operas of the NBA summer: LeBron James won’t leave the Lakers next summer. The 37-year-old striker, who made his NBA debut with 18 and 303 days, had a contract for next season (for 44.5 million) and was already ready to sign a two-year extension with the Lakers. Failure to do so would have put Angelenos under high pressure, but they have nothing to worry about: Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN) predicted that the new extension will be for two seasons (2023-25), in exchange for an additional $97.1 million and with a possibility of player in the hands of the players for the second season, 2024-25.

So LeBron has a guaranteed contract for two seasons and he will decide if he welcomes the third, which may be the arrival of his son bronny to the NBA. The striker, who will be 39 by then, admitted that sharing a jersey with his son for at least a season would be one of the few dreams he has left on the basketball court. Another will arrive, if nothing abnormal happens, during the next lesson: he will become the leading scorer in NBA history when he surpasses (counts add up barring serious injury) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He will also do it with, like the legendary center, the mythical purple and gold jersey of the Lakers. With her, LeBron has four seasons (and a ring, won in 2020). If he fulfills his contract, there will be seven in total in LA. The same as his first streak with the Cleveland Cavaliers (2003-2010).

The extension includes a commercial kick 15%: LeBron would take this percentage of his salary (at the expense of his new team) if he is traded. And puts the player in a total of $532 million guaranteed in NBA franchise contracts alone. the historic peak, forward with this new agreement with Kevin Durant. The anti-transfer clause it could not be added as it was an extension and not a new contract. In any case, LeBron cannot be traded next season, 2022-23, because his salary increase in the second year of the extension is greater than 5%. The signing will be for two years as a longer contract was not possible as this is the cap for players aged 38 or over at the end of the contract in force at the time of the extension.

Last season, LeBron averaged 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds and 6.2 assists. But he could only play 56 games. His injuries, those of Anthony Davis, and the adaptation and chemistry issues of Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook caused absolute disaster in a Lakers that missed the playoffs. From now on, LeBron links his destiny to that of Anthony Davis, who also has a contract until 2025 with a possibility of player in the last season. Yes the Lakers can operate from a situation of greater stability and knowing that they will initially have over $20 million in cap space in the summer of 2023. If Russell Westbrook is not traded sooner, then he will be a free agent. And if Kyrie Irving doesn’t arrive sooner, it’ll be time to see how badly he wants really, rumored to play for the Lakers and meet LeBron again. The point guard, whose future with the Nets is bleak to say the least, will also be a free agent next summer. So far, the Lakers have proven they have LeBron’s confidence despite last season’s disaster. Now we’ll have to see what steps they take to maximize this last ride of the Kingwho is looking for his fifth championship ring.

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