El Surne Bilbao Basket entra en acción

Surne Bilbao Basket kicks into action

The Surne Bilbao Cart has been working since Monday in its operations center in the Bilbao Arena take the first steps to prepare for the 2022-23 basketball course, in which will participate in the Endesa League Yes in the Basketball Champions League. Six weeks of pre-season await the Bizkaia team, the time to build a new team, to create dynamics, to clarify roles, to grow in the physical field and to create a shell that allows it to be competitive.

These are days when new faces connect with which they continue and generate these camaraderie mechanisms that often make the difference. In this sense, news signatures like Nikola Radicevic, Francis Alonso, Xabi Rabaseda, Ignacio Rosa and Michale Kyser they work already with “veterans” like Andrew Goudelock, Tomeu Rigo, Álex Reyes (he trained outside the group) and Jeff Withey in the company of quarry kids who will help the team during these weeks: Aiert Velasco, Asier Fernández, Elvis Ude, Unai Barandalla and Iñigo Betolaza. Ludde Hakanson, Denzel Andersson and Emir Sulejmanovic will join the group when they finish their commitments with their respective teams.


James Ponsarnau Borja Guerrero

Obviously, this pre-season is linked to the change of cycle caused by the departure of the club from Alex Mumbru. Now Surne Bilbao Basket is responsibility of James Ponsarnau and the Catalan coach showed this Tuesday what he wants to be the main lines of this new project. “We always train without contact, waiting for the players to get in shape to be able to take this important step in a sport like ours. We find a very good predisposition, players want to connect with what we want to do and also with each other. We want what for us is a good roster to gradually become a good team,” he said.

Regarding the final composition of the group, Ponsarnau pointed out that “We think we’ve built a team that, if injury free, has high minimums and that’s very important to compete. We are not giving up on growing more. The highs will come if we work, if we connect, if the atmosphere in the team is good… Little by little we will try to consolidate these lows to get closer to our highs”.


In this sense, playing the BCL can be very important. “Our reality is that we are going to play in Europe and that allows you to grow by competing, but often no training. This is why it is necessary to take advantage of it now for all that relates to the construction starting from the formation. But you also have to take advantage of it to get to know each other better and know how to defend, how to attack, what concepts to hold on to…”, he explained, stressing that “one of the important things in pre-season is to build the roles. Before you sign a player, you have to talk to him and in those conversations you already guide him about his role, but the role not only has to be given by a coach, but the player has to earn it and demonstrate it in front of his teammates. in day-to-day work, in friendly matches… This will mark our tactical orientation and the responsibilities of being a team for as long as possible”.


Asked about the style of play he wants to put in place at Surne Bilbao Basket, the Catalan coach did not hide that “I have always tried to play dynamically and that from the dynamism there is a pass. How to get there will probably be different nuances. Defensively, the ACB culture has changed and my philosophy has to adapt. In this direction, We made a team to be able to adapt.

Regarding the demand that European competition can generate, he was clear in acknowledging that “we have to get it right with the way of doing things so that it affects us in a positive way, so that it gives us a competitive level , rhythm… It makes us better than what we would be just training. You have to deal with a lot of things like physical tone, loads… Be very rigid in that regard.” In reference to the schedule, “I still think that’s what it is. The good thing is to know it so you can plan and steer things.” Yes, there is one thing I don’t like, it’s to start playing on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. it worries us a little because it is a maximum physical demand to start »


This first contact also served to introduce Sergio García, the new assistant coach alongside Javi Salgado, to the group, the Argentinian Cristian Lambrecht, the new physical trainer, and to know the status of the co-captains that Tomeu Rigo and Xabi Rabaseda make their debut. “Tomeu has maximum knowledge of the club, the city and the territory and we appreciate his mentality. He is a player who has been unlucky with injuries, but his tenacity and his mentality have allowed him to stay at this club. We believe you can help us with this responsibility. And what am I going to say about Xabi and the games he played in this league and in Europe. He has the experience of having been in a lot of dynamics and it’s a great cohesive group,” Ponsarnau pointed out.

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