The basketball is beautiful in the photo

The basketball is beautiful in the photo

Hthere was a time in a galaxy very close, right here in Spain, where the basketball was fractured, divided, prey to internal wars, with additions and subtractions, where they fought for everything, even to take the merits. remember? Fortunately, it happened, the national basketball has a common project without too much interference, there are many ways to understand each other and times to communicate this prosperity. One of them is the Spanish Basketball Gala, which yesterday, in its third edition, brought together the greatest of last season in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in a fantastic, dynamic and attractive event, where basketball -ball embraces to celebrate the past and what is to come. Family it grows bigger summer after summer and is more united than ever.

All selection

The complete selection our second familyrecently arrived after training at the Gran Canaria Arena, went to the Hotel Santa Catalina, one of the most emblematic in Spain and a cultural beacon of the Canary Islands hotel scene. Founded at the end of the 19th century and rehabilitated by the Barcel chain during the pandemic with the support of the Cabildo, history is breathed through its rooms. Its atmosphere is colonial, from another era. In their rooms they stayed one day Winston Churchill, Gregory Peck or Agatha Christie.

The winners were not a mystery, they already knew each other, nor was it that the selection had 10 blacks, even if according to the noise generated by the nationalization of lorenzo brown I seemed Usman Garubaawarded twice (Best Young and Best Player) a year ago in Madrid, looked good. Scariolo I will wait for you until the end of the rally. His energy, physique and determination never fail. The hosts Jorge GarbajosaPresident of the FEB, and Juan Ignacio Gallardo, director of MARCA, had arrived early at the Santa Catalina to receive the guests. “This family is growing more and more. We are here to celebrate the meeting and understanding of the best basketball players in the world. We are lucky to live this moment, in senior basketball and in training with one more medal. , that of the sub18, in a historic summer with six finals”.

Gallant it celebrated “the present, all the current successes, and also what is yet to come in the future.” Joseph Miguel Callejadirector general of the ACB, and Juan Fernndez, of the presidential cabinet of the CSD, completed the list of sports authorities. Francois Castellanosports advisor to the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, played at home. Oscar Graefenhaindirector general of the FEB, watched over everything.

It was a party night. so they did Llull, Silvia Domnguez, Etxarri, Joel Parra, Rudy Fernandez, Mara Conde and Amaya Valdemoro, who had gathered the girls in the morning to eat with Elisa Aguilar, director of the FEB contest, Luci Pascua, Maite Cazorla. The stronger sex of the Family. Carmelo Cabrera was particularly excited, because before magicians like Ricky Rubio or Sergio Rodriguez, Spanish basketball had its Merlin. Celebrated in his country, he collected the Legend prize that one of his teachers had won last season, Lolo Sinz. “It’s the award that has excited me the most in my entire career and without a doubt the most important of all the ones I’ve received,” an excited Carmelo said. Then it was Amaya Valdemoro’s turn. Her friend Elisa Aguilar, director of Dompetition de la FEB, presented her with the prize. “I am moved to see the images. I would play again. The legends thing, it’s like the years are falling and it depresses me, but it was all worth it”.

were Juan Carlos Navarro, Pau Gasol and Ricky Rubio by videoconference. Also with their shirts, in a fantastic exhibition where the FEB presented its trophies and some jewels, like the tracksuit of Carmelo Cabrera. Pau and Navarro shared the Special Prize with Rudy for their five Olympic Games appearances. “A granite. It is a source of pride to share this prize with two greats like Juan Carlos and Rudy”, called him Pau with his usual simplicity. “It’s not easy at all to attend five Olympiads in which I experienced great moments with Pau and RudyLa Bomba added. Ricky’s award for best game went to Llull. “I was lucky,” said the genius of El Masnou. Lucky is Spanish basketball, which continues to rise.

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