Are these the 3 best dunks of the season?

After all, for these things, we are here too. Or not?

When we are asked why we prefer the NBA to FIBA ​​basketball, one of the reasons given is that where the Mississippi flows, it flows in another way. In the NBA, slam dunks are just on another level. And like this year Slam Dunk Contest was what was (scum of good), we deserve a message of appreciation.

Moreover, a terrible fault of this world is that we are much more drawn to talking about what will be than about what has been. Signings that come and not finals that are disputed. But the 2021-22 season has left us with a lot of good things that we can still savor.

Friends, like every year, there are hundreds of them, and some are very, very good, so talking about the top 3 is not superfluous.

Here, the three best according to the NBAfrom “worst to best”.

Jaylen Brown on Maxi Kleber

Ja Morant vs. Malik Beasley

Andrew Wiggins, Doncic’s “poster”

Your top 3?

It’s the top 3 in the NBA… does it coincide with yours? We read you below, in the comments.

Whoever writes to you, that of Wiggins doesn’t even make it into the top three (VAR to Doncic, by the way; big player, best actor), having the Warriors striker another even more outstanding pair within the top 100 (link here).

Yeah, any of the other two, those from ‘Ja y Len’ (pardon the joke), are worth it, because the best homie in the 2021-22 campaign, and personally stick with Jaylen Brown if I have to pick just one, because of previous dribbling and because of the jumping power he packs into such a small space and with hardly any run. The Celtics striker has swelled this year to jams and has a handful in the top 100.

In any case, this top-100 left us with a barbaric soap opera and several curious readings:

  • Al Horford is ten years younger.
  • Tatum has that “Westbrook” style, capable of accelerating his arm through the air at low altitude to imprint speed and power which, in addition to being visually impressive, helps him dodge blockages interposed in timing.
  • Kuminga and Jalen Green are terrific signings for this section.
  • Lebron is still LeBron and Klay is Klay again.
  • Watching Kyle Anderson dunk is as fun as it is off-putting.
  • The plasticity of Terrence Ross does not age.
  • Mitchells Land (Donovan and Davion).
  • Ricky is going to retire from the NBA without letting go of him once.
  • Back dunks are underrated.
  • The more you see Westbrook driving to the basket, the less you understand his obsession with the midrange.
  • Are Ja Morant’s dunks better than the best Derrick Rose? Serious question.

Other candidates who could have perfectly fought for the podium but who were even left out of the top 10, could be (still in the eyes of the writer):

(Cover photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

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