A Gala to applaud

A Gala to applaud


VShen the Spanish Basketball Federation Yes Mark launched the idea of ​​a Spanish Basketball Gala, the objective was to bring together the best of basketball each year around an unforgettable ceremony. The first two took place, like the third, on the marvelous island of Gran Canaria.

The imposing and renovated Hotel Santa Catalina, a Royal Hideaway Hotel, was the setting for a great celebration that made Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the capital of Spanish basketball. And it will be at least until Tuesday, when Spain plays against Lithuania in the Eurobasket preparation tour in the third of the scheduled friendly matches.

The selection, of course, was at the center of the whole celebration, since some of the winners were in its ranks, such as Sergio Llull (Best National Player), Willy Hernangmez (Best national player in international competition) or Rudy Fernandez only with Juan Carlos Navarro and Paul Gasol received one of the special prizes for their five Olympic Games.

But Gran Canaria has also brought together other winners who have seen how this season they have shone like no one else: Silvia Dominguez (Best National Player), Mary Count (Best national player in international competition), Joel Parra (Young player with the greatest projection), Irati Etxarri (Younger player with greater projection) and Sandra Ygueravide (Special Award), or have seen how their career has been widely recognized, as in the case of Carmelo Cabrera and Amaya Valdemoro (Legend Award).

The gala was led from the stage by Marta Fernandez and Edy Vidal. And before the award ceremony, Jorge Garbajosapresident of the FEB and Juancho Gallardodirectly from Marca, gave the green light to the ceremony with their speeches.

Garbajosaafter the thanks, he addressed Marca, as “a friend without whom this could not be done“. Then he explained that, “those of us who are in the BEF, we understand it as an organization at the service of Spanish basketball. The Family is much more than the absolute selection and the training teams and bringing us all together is why we imagined this Gala”. Finally, the president of the FEB, wanted to recall the triumphs of the categories of coaching : “Your triumphs are a consequence of all of you here.”

For its part Juancho Gallardoalso after the thanks, went to Garbajosa to remember that: “It’s an honor to be part of the family. Our idea is to accompany you on this journey.” The brand manager added that, “the players are important, they are like the hoopbut this basket must be secured so that it does not fall, and that is what the federations are for.” Gallardo ended with a sentence that sums up the state of Spanish basketball: “The present is successful, but the future will be much more“.

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