Tyler Kalinoski, not so discreet

Tyler Kalinoski, not so discreet

Tyler Kalinoski(Cincinnati, 1992) is an experienced player, with a career spanning almost a decade as a professional. He has a Belgian passport from her, valuable for playing in the ABCwithout which I would not be in the unibox. He comes with a certain low profile, without too many expectations, but he is an important player. In Lugo point out that he was a centerpiece of the great season of the team of Veljko Mrsic, who gave a lot of different things to the team.

Juanma Rodriguez dig deeper into the reasons for hiring Kalinoski. “With Tyler, we were looking for someone more specialized in outside shooting. Looking at the different options, if you look at his numbers, he does more than shoot, he is more complete than throw. He passes very well, he has a special instinct, although he seems small, for rebounding He knows the game, he has experience in different leagues, situations and roles Reports are sensational as a person at all levels and we thought we could fit in very well. We are delighted with him on his debut,” explained the sporting director of Malaga.

“I’m super excited. I’ve played against this team in the past and I knew how good the organization is, the squad, the history they have… There’s a great staff, a very good organization. I’m delighted “There is a tradition in basketball and I see that there is a good group, we train and we wait for the games to come. I know I’m at a big club with big aspirations, it really motivated me to come here. What really convinced me to talk to the coach and he enthusiastically explained to me the great challenges and objectives that there were and that’s what helped me to say yes”, explained the Ohiowhich the previous week passed the covid: “I feel very good, although I still need to have more legs, lungs and breathing, I have no problem, but I still need training to be as good as my teammates”.

“My opinion is that I feel more comfortable in the two position, but I’m a guy who does what the team needs, that comes first. 1-2-3, whatever it takes , whatever the coach thinks, the role Give it to me”, Kalinoski made himself available to the coach to fulfill the obligations he deems appropriate: “I know there is a long team , but competitiveness makes you better every day, it will make us better, competing with each other will make us play better. Training is going well, we are pushing hard. The city is beautiful, the weather is also sensational, the atmosphere… Everything is going well”.

Finally, when asked about the team’s objectives, Kalinoski said: “you have to look up, there is a very good team. You have to qualify for the BCL first, but because of the composition, the coach and the type of team we have, we have to work hard, but we can aspire to great achievements”.

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