Garuba, against the clock

Garuba, against the clock

Apparently recovered from a grade 2 sprain in his left ankle which interrupted his project in the 2022 Summer League, Usman Garuba (9-3-2002), one of the great illusions of Spanish basketball, will play this afternoon at the Palm trees versus Lithuania (7:30 p.m.) his first minutes in concentration before the eurobasketball.

Garuba belongs to that group of somewhat “liquid” players who Scariolo he referred last July 9 to uan interview with this medium around the corner Riga. “Unfortunately, it has not been a season in which any of the players we will have in the team this summer, following their performances this year, can make us think of a jump of three levels in the international basketball rankings I wish everyone had a positive season and unfortunately that didn’t happen I don’t know if those who had a brilliant season don’t even care the fingers of the hand”, then explained the trainer.

GarubaWhat Juancho Hernangomez; That is abalded Yes Abrins they won’t even be in the eurobasketballThey didn’t take the leap. Garuba has barely played 24 games with the Rockets in the NBAplus 11 in the G League. In your case, there are asterisks that justify it. The jump to another world, with the adaptation that this implies except for the chosen ones gasoline That is Doncic; and especially physical problems. Garubain addition to being subject to the “protocol covid‘ and to his ankle problems, he underwent surgery on his left wrist. Their, now, is a race against time to reach the eurobasketball.

Symbolically, the Selection ended up playing the quarter-finals of the Games of tokyo last summer with the two gasoline on the bench and Willy Hernangomez Geuer Yes Garuba defend the painting castle. This should be the summer of confirmation, but for that it will be necessary to verify that Garuba is ready to go to Tbilisi. Right now, today, I could play about ten minutes.

Just over two weeks before the start of the eurobasketballNow is the time to get serious. Beyond winning or losing, Scariolo he wants his players to move forward, fulfill their obligations and adopt the role that corresponds to them. With Rudy Yes Lull it won’t be a problem. It was fantastic to see them come back to teach Madrid in the second friendly match against Greece. Scariolo will have to measure to the nearest millimeter its efforts in eurobasketball. Your minutes are golden. Beyond these two legends, the team still has to organize itself.

lorenzo brown he has cuts and has given the feeling that when he gains confidence he can be an even bigger player in the Selection of 2022. Much more than Juanchokey player in the world of 2019 which must find its usefulness in the group. Willy’s points are dropping but his baskets also need real content, a hierarchy. Brizuela, Parra or Arostegui also need to assert themselves (this is where Pradilla stands out). The rival of friendly, by the way, no less than Lithuania: Sabonis, Valanciunas, Giedraitis, Jokubaitis. Potential rival in the second round of Eurobasket. But for now, let’s look at Spain.

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