Zion Williamson's painful truth about NBA players: 'About 80% of them watch anime'

Zion Williamson’s painful truth about NBA players: ‘About 80% of them watch anime’

ANDn sports like NBA vague NFLBeing in something as cheesy as anime can set you apart from older teammates in the game. This is a generational theme that has persisted for many years, even though Sion Williamson tries to break the stereotype. He recently promoted a shoe from the brand Jordan with an animated theme narutowhich sold out within minutes of its release worldwide.

Sion Williamson became one of the most marketable athletes in jordan-brand despite being sidelined for the whole of last season. For the player New Orleans PelicansBasketball seems to be just a part of his life as he indulges in different hobbies during this injury recovery period. Although most experts surely demanded more than their level of commitment, the pelicans They still decided to extend his contract.

Zion’s confession on anime in the NBA

While promoting the new shoes of Naruto for Nike, Zion Williamson I spoke with QG on the importance that these characters have in their education. I also attended the Comic-Con from San Diego most recently for a panel where he mostly talked about anime and nothing about basketball. The fans of the New Orleans Pelicans They must be pissed that he pays attention to their franchise player.

You better deliver results as soon as you get back on the pitch or get into big trouble. When asked if other gamers liked the anime, Sion Williamson addressed a tab issue with which all players in the NBA they feel comfortable. Even though it’s only anime, most of them feel like adults and they’re not supposed to like anime.

About 80% of players in the league are interested in anime; They just won’t admit it. Sion Williamson

Another likely reason why players in the NBA they are embarrassed to accept that they like anime due to their availability to date women. Most of the women they try to date are either supermodels or women who think watching cartoons is silly. Yet another stereotype that most professional athletes have to deal with on a daily basis. Why can’t many of them be like If we That is UFC’s Isreal Adesanya? None of them care what people say If we He still has a lot to prove on the pitch.

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