A bit of history: EuroBasket 2015 - Piratasdelbasket

A bit of history: EuroBasket 2015 – Piratasdelbasket

It is without counting on them, France and Serbia, even Greece have taken all the lights. But in the end, Spain and Lithuania showed that their basketball should never be taken for granted. The Eurobasket final was marked by the lack of success of the Lithuanians and this allowed Spain to dominate from start to finish. The Lithuanians tried but they could not do anything against the umpteenth Spanish performance and the MVP of the tournament Pau Gasol, 25 points and 12 rebounds, well supported by Llull (12 points 6 rebounds 5 assists) and Rudy with 11 points before to hurt yourself.

The dream departure for Spain

The final begins with a smash from Pau on Maciulis and in the next game Llull opens the scoring. Spain wants to play fast, they don’t want to make Lithuania think defensively and take the first advantages in a few minutes (8-2 min. 2), which forces the first time out. The Spanish intensity does not stop, Rudy is doing well in attack, at the moment everything seems to be looking for the red team. Two consecutive baskets from Pau Gasol put them more than ten ahead (15-4 min. 5). The Lithuanians are able to defend in the next few minutes, but still can’t find their place in attack. Pau continues to hammer the rim, he already has 8 points (19-6 min. 8). In the last minutes of the first quarter, Lithuania continues to adjust its defense, it is more difficult for Spain to follow up its game, but we find ourselves facing a dream start (19-8 min. 10 ) at the end of the first quarter. .

Lithuania dominates the rebound and enters the game

The second lines on each side jump to the front of the stage, the kid gives quality flashes and Rudy continues beautifully in front of the hoop, he already has 7, Spain reaches the maximum of fifteen points (23-8 min. 12). Two free throws from Seibutis break a drought of more than three and a half minutes. Spain with its 60% of baskets scored and Lithuania with its 22% mean that for the moment the Reds dominate at will. Lithuania is zoned and entrusted to the entrances of Seibutis. Spain is also entrusted to the surface, but it begins to have some problems in its closure on the rebound (27-14 min. 14). The distances are getting shorter, in these possessions there is another ease in attack, but Spain does not back down, a hat-trick from Mirotic on his corner and four points from Pau, dispel momentary doubts (34-18 min. 16) . A series of (3-8) once again demonstrates the Lithuanian improvement with a raging Seibutis, Scariolo must ask for time (37-29 min. 18) after seeing how the distance drops from the ten. In the last games of the quarter, Spain managed to slow down the avalanche somewhat, until a final hat-trick from Maciulis placed it (41-33 min. 20) in the middle of the match.

Spain find their rhythm against an unsuccessful Lithuania

We resume with a friend Ribas. Valanciunas, although he is not very well at the moment, commits two consecutive meetings to add his third. In the following possessions, it’s a give and take between baskets and inaccuracies. Gasol after rebounding in attack from his own shot put (47-35 min. 23). Spain continues its problems with the rebound, but it makes up for it by its intensity in defense. Lithuania are asking for time to try to find a solution to their poor percentages. A time that was of little use to them, two free throws from Rudy and a hat-trick from Ribas put the maximum (52-35 min. 25). The logical reaction of the Lithuanians is immediate, they know that we are at a key moment, there is no room for error for them. (52-39 min. 26), Rudy left on injury after a hard counter from Jankunas. The Greens try but they have to improve their percentages, Kalnietis from a three-point tries to shorten (54-42 min. 28). The last minutes are again colored in red, a hat-trick from Claver puts the maximum at 18 (60-42 min. 29). A free kick from Seibutis closed the third quarter (60-43 min. 30).

Lithuania tries to avoid the inevitable, Spain ¡European Gold¡¡

Spain start imprecisely, taking risks in the passes, there are less than ten minutes left at the end of the match, and it shows in some actions (60-45 min. 31). Spain did not score, Lithuania had no choice but to grit their teeth defensively and it shows, Scarolo needs time (60-45 min. 32). A fantastic pass from Gasol to Claver breaks the Spanish drought. The minutes pass and the baskets are a precious asset, and even more so for Spain who have a basket in what we have come from fourth, almost five minutes, Gasol with two free throws puts the (64-49 min. 35 ), fortunately for Spain, Lithuania continues with its bad percentages. The stopwatch is now the number one enemy of greens. A chacho penetration, a hat-trick from Llull and the fifth from Valanciunas bring Spain a little closer to gold. Lithuania presses with a (0-5), Spain responds with a free kick from Gasol (72-59 min. 38). Pau Gasol wants to give his European Championship the final touch it deserves, with a counter, the third on his account and a hat-trick which leaves the championship in play (75-59 min. 39). The final pieces have no more history than getting to this Spain and this Pau Gasol.

Spain 80
* Lull – 12p, 6r, 5a.
*Ribas – 7p, 1r.
* Rudy – 11p, 2dc, 1r.
* Mirotic – 8p, 2r, 2a.
*p. Diesel – 25p, 12r, 4a.
Rodríguez – 4p, 6a, 2r.
San Emeterio – 0p, 1r.
Key – 7p, 6r, 2t.
Kings – 8p, 1r, 1a.
Live – 0p, 1r.
Aguilar – 0p.
W. Hernangomez –

Lithuania 63
*Kalnietis – 13p, 6a, 2br.
*Seibutis – 13p, 4r.
*Maciules – 8p, 4r, 2a.
*Jankunas – 3p, 4r.
*Valanciunas – 10p, 9r, 2a.
Kuzminskas – 8p, 6r, 2a.
Lekavicius – 0p, 2a.
Kavaliauskas – 4p, 5r.
Milaknis – 3p.
Gailius – 1p.
Javtokas – 0p.
Sabonis – 0p.

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