A bit of history: EuroBasket 2007 - Piratasdelbasket

A bit of history: EuroBasket 2007 – Piratasdelbasket

On the occasion of EuroBasket 2022, what could be better than making memories to remember past editions. In 2007, Spain, who played at home, started with some favoritism to clinch the long-awaited gold. Russia deprived us in the last breath of the final

In the summer of 2007, Eurobasket was held in Madrid. In the grand final of the European Championship, the big favourite, if there could be one in a final of this type, was Spain, who were playing at home, they were reigning world champions and that was a great team. But in the final, they faced a very good Russia and a Spain who didn’t play their best match, being responsible. A huge Kirilenko and a winning basket from Holden gave Russia European gold 60-59

In the semi-final, Spain beat Greece 82-77 and on the other side Russia beat Lithuania 86-74. In the fight for bronze, Lithuania beat Greece 78-69.

Fearsome rivals Russia and the statistics (the hosts had not won a Eurobasket since 1993) did not suggest an easy final for Spain. So that was it. Our team had a bad day, and despite a call for the legendary Spanish fury (the kind that seemed destined to last only from memory), they couldn’t proclaim themselves European champions against a rival who took the lead. advantage on the scoreboard two seconds from the end. Gasol, at the buzzer, had the chance to give the Eurobasket to Spain, but the ball went inside and Spain had to settle for the money. Russia succeeds Greece as European champion.

The world champions stormed out
Spain, led by Rudy Fernández and José Manuel Calderón, and backed by impressive rebounding skills, went 15-4 in just five minutes. After a spectacular first start, the Spanish team considerably reduced their attacking rhythm and only a regular Marc Gasol, and the Spanish defense (four interceptions), prevented the Russian comeback. In the final second of the first quarter, Cabezas played a forced triple at the buzzer that spotlighted a 22-11 prospect.

The triples kept us afloat
The start of the second quarter followed the same path as the first, with Spain attacking with some solvency and Russia unable to overcome our team’s intense, but not perfect, defence. A three-pointer from Garbajosa gave Spain the lead (25-13), but a few rushing attacks prevented us from giving more face to the final. The limited Savrasenko, who was going to say it, broke us in the paint and put Russia to six points (25-19). At this precise moment, the Spanish attack began to fail, and three isolated three-pointers managed to cover our offensive gaps to allow us to reach the break 34-31.

A third bedroom to forget
With just a three-point lead, it might seem like Spain would be under pressure to be the favorites and have to win ‘their’ Eurobasket, and maybe that’s the case. In less than a cocksong, the Spaniards got 40-31 to show the Russians who are the reigning world champions, but Spain couldn’t consummate their escape. As in the second quarter, Spain missed several opportunities to make up for the ten-point lead and their attack settled again (42-39). Russia’s lack of success in attack, and some genius touches from ÑBA, kept us in good shape (49-46) despite our draw.

fury was not enough
A hat-trick from Russia and a basket from Holden early in the fourth quarter brought Russia to two (49-51), completely supplanting Pepu Hernández’s side. But the Spanish pájara only lasted a few seconds, until a three-pointer from Garbajosa and a stratospheric stopper from Gasol put us back on the scoreboard and drove a crowd devoted to the cause crazy. country. Our team, aware of having a bad day, called on the legendary Spanish fury (translated into a titanic struggle with each rebound) and free throws (with Pau Gasol as the main protagonist) to survive, but it was not enough . The Russians went to a point (59-58) with 43 seconds remaining and Spain failed to react and lost their next attack. Possession of Russia to win the match and…. Holden scores with 2:37 remaining! Pepu asks for a time out in search of the miracle…. Carlos Jiménez serves, Gasol receives, shoots at the buzzer… and the ball comes out from inside after touching the board! Russia European champion, Spain second and elegant ovation from the Madrid public to the Russian players.

Russia 60
*Holden – 8p, 2db.
*Samoylenko – 0p, 2r.
* Khriapa – 7p, 12r.
*Kirilenko – 17p, 5r.
*Savrasenko – 10p, 1r.
Ponkrashov – 8p, 2a.
Padius – 0p.
Pashutin – 3p, 3r.
Monya – 3p, 1r.
Morgunov – 4p, 2r.

Spain 59
* Calderón – 15p, 4r.
*Fernandez – 5p, 2r.
*Jiménez – 5p, 5r.
* Kings – 5p, 8r.
*p. Diesel – 14p, 14r.
Heads – 2p, 1a.
Navarre – 0p, 1a.
Mumbru – 0p, 1r.
Garbajosa- 8p, 6r.
M.Gasol – 5p, 1br.
B.Rodriguez – 0p.
S.Rodriguez – 0p.

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