Rory McIlroy y Victor Hovland durante la tercera jornada del The Open Championship 2022. © Golffile

Here’s how McIlroy and Thomas reacted to the court ruling on LIV Golf

Rory McIlroy and Victor Hovland on day three of The Open Championship 2022. © Golffile |  Eoin Clarke
Rory McIlroy and Victor Hovland on day three of The Open Championship 2022. © Golffile | Eoin Clarke

Justin Thomas Yes Rory McIlroy spoke to the media after his nine holes at the Pro-AM held Wednesday at the TPC Southwindin the prolegomena of the first FedEx Cup Qualifiersthe Invitation FedEx St. Jude.

Thomas and McIlroy are two of the biggest names on the PGA Tour, so their press conferences couldn’t have been more timely following Tuesday’s court ruling between LIV Golf and the PGA tours. The judge Beth Labson Freeman ruled in favor of the Tour on the three LIV Golf players who wanted to compete in the FedEx St. Jude Championship in Memphis, Tennessee.

“Yesterday was a good day for the tour and most of its members,” McIlroy said without beating around the bush.

McIlroy is a member of the PGA Tour board and revealed yesterday that the Premier Golf League offered him a deal similar to the players at LIV Golf and he turned it down.

Thomas, for his part, mentioned how the recent dispute between the LIV and the PGA Tour takes away from the incredible season of Scottie Schefflerwho spent most of it as the number one player in the world.

These are five of the most interesting points of Thomas and McIlroy’s appearance:

Thomas on the rumors that Cameron Smith and others may soon be leaving for LIV Golf: “Nothing is official until it is. There are so many names being heard, so many rumours, so many things being released… That was probably the most upsetting part of it all for me.

Thomas on the request PGA Tour-LIV: “It was something they had no control over the outcome, so I wasn’t really worried about it. I have some confidence that when you get to a level like this, with lawyers and judges involved, you’re going to make the appropriate decision.”

McIlroy on being a spokesperson for the PGA Tour: “I don’t feel like it’s my job to be here and defend the Tour or to be a spokesperson. It’s just the role I find myself in, especially coming onto the PGA Tour board of directors this year. It was a good time to do it. I feel like when I’m on the ropes, nobody can reach me and it’s really nice to be part of it. It made the golf game so much more enjoyable.”

McIlroy on players going to LIV Golf: “Guys are going to make whatever decisions they think are best for them, and that’s fine. I don’t blame anyone for going to LIV or taking guaranteed money. If that’s what they want, that’s fine.”

McIlroy on the upheaval of the LIV Golf situation: “I think the resentment towards the members of this Tour comes from the fact that they (the golfers who participate in the LIV Golf) want to try to come back here without consequences. For anyone who has read the PGA Tour handbook or following the rules and regulations, that would seem very unfair.”

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