The Dux threatens to leave the group of Balona and Algeciras with only 19 teams

The DUX Madrid International threatens to leave group I of the First Federationin which they militate Algeciras Football Club Yes Genuine Balompédica Linen, with only 19 teams, which would force each participant rest twice during the competition. The chair entity Stephen Newman not available today neither fund nor model to face the next step, but several media warn that the entity’s strategy is don’t drop the category Yes rush until Friday before the second day be able to compete. In case you can’t make it would be expelled from the category for double non-appearance, but at this point its place already it would not be covered.

“The President continues to seek financial assistance from an investor and there is an open negotiation, although from the entity the future continues to be viewed with great uncertainty“, explains Jorge Abizanda in ABC. “A door of hope for a club that began as a neighborhood club, which was born decades ago in the last stage of Madrid football and which has climbed sportingly to reach the third stage of Spanish football.”

“Given the possibility that the International DUX will not be able to compete, several RFEF Second clubs remain vigilant to opt for the place that the Madrid team would leave vacant in the event of their resignation. A situation that will not happen although the team, which is already registered in the first RFEF, cannot play the league. In case he does not find an investor before the start of the championship and cannot play his first match, on August 28 against Deportivo in Riazor, Newman He will continue to try until the second day, deadline to know the future of this entity ”add the aforementioned rotary.

“In the event of a double default, international DUXsHe would be expelled from the competition and next season he would be forced to play in the Second RFEF, a Punishment minor, as understood by the entity, than the one who would make him resign from his post. Because of this, the club is clear that they won’t give up on the premier federation if they don’t get the money they need to start the league. The team currently He has only seven confirmed footballers and the technical staff from last year, with Alfredo Santaelena at the helm,” he adds.

« The situation of the international DUX threatens to become an extension of the last season experienced by Extremadura. According to the federative regulations, two failures to appear throughout a season lead to automatic relegation, as happened in the case of the Almendralejo entity, whose place in the second RFEF is still not filled ” , explains the aforementioned newspaper.

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