Paco Olmos: 'I will always be grateful to Lugo for the opportunity he gave me'

Paco Olmos: ‘I will always be grateful to Lugo for the opportunity he gave me’

Today we share with you a very interesting conversation in which we talk about the past, present and future with Paco Olmos, current head coach of Hereda San Pablo Burgos.

Before giving way to the interview, from the team of single basketball We would like to thank both the club and our protagonist for their predisposition when it comes to organizing and achieving the same.

Q: El Breogán de Lugo decides to bet on you and manages to return to Spain after many years abroad. He does a good job with the team, and decides to everyone’s surprise to leave Galicia to go to Burgos, which finds itself in a completely opposite situation. What prompted you to make such a difficult decision?

It was not an easy decision. I was very happy that we were living in Lugo, but Burgos presented himself in the first person, with great insistence and very interesting conditions that were difficult to dismiss. His proposal gave me peace of mind and a long-term project to work on and that’s why I decided it was time to change and take a step forward.

Q: Movement becomes trending topic among all ACB followers and the networks are full of comments about this movement. It seems to me that he received a lot of criticism towards his person. How have all the messages you received affected you on a personal level?

Well, Lugo fans are very Lugo, they are warriors who defend what belongs to them first and obviously I could understand their discomfort. What I didn’t understand was that within the Lugo club itself what happened was not well explained and it gave me the impression that they wanted to do more firewood from the fallen tree.

From there, it is true that I received a large number of offensive messages. I understand that a professional is exposed to these problems but I consider that if there were too many insults towards me, there were not too many bad words towards the members of my family and my environment.

Q: As a result of what you have been through, your perception may have changed. What is your opinion on social media and the impact it can have on a top athlete or coach?

Wherever I go to work, I like to get involved in their society and I try to participate actively in the networks to be in contact with the fans. I believe that it is a tool that, like many others, is interesting, but it will always depend on the type of use that will be made of it.

On many occasions there will be people who will find relief in a social network or the way to disrespect someone by hiding behind a profile, but unfortunately it is already something common that is experienced by all days in our society. On our side, we, the professionals, only have to know how to treat and manage this type of situation as well as possible so that things don’t get worse.

Q: I would like to give you the opportunity to address the Lugo fans here. Is there anything you would like to pass on to them?

I will always be grateful to Lugo for the opportunity he gave me to return to Spain and the good times we had together will forever be etched in my memory. To be honest, I wish you the best.

Also, I want to point out that at no time did I break any part of my contract and when I left there we were in playoff position, with chances of qualifying for the Copa del Rey very close and with salvation just one step one way.

Q: Once everything is closed, you land in Burgos and I understand that the situation you find yourself in should not invite optimism.

Obviously, when I made the decision to go to Burgos, I knew that the sporting situation was complicated, but there was a lot of faith on the part of the club that the situation could be reversed. Unfortunately when I arrived everything was a bit worse than expected.

I ended up with a group of players who were very emotionally affected and lacked team chemistry. We tried to go against the tide as much as we could, there was a period of time where we had a streak that looked like we were going to move on but then the injuries hit us and we never managed to have continuity in the work.

Q: Unfortunately for you, Burgos are relegated and Lugo is consolidated as one of the revelation teams of the season. Have you ever thought about the decision you made?

The life of a professional coach is linked to decision making. As I said at the time, I don’t regret the decision I made, I believed and I believe in the project.

Q: You decide to maintain your decision and stay at the Colosseum. How was its continuity?

The club and I took some time to reflect because everything had to be analysed. From there, we put our points of view together and reached an agreement. Even knowing that the permanence of the contract at LEB was going to be different, it seemed to me that continuing here was the right thing to do. He wanted and felt the need to bring Burgos back to ACB.

Q: You are about to close the team and you complete it with very interesting names like Rodrigo San Miguel or Rashid Mahalbasic. Do you think making signings of that size and being one of the recently relegated ACBs makes you favorites for promotion?

We recruited players who we felt were the best for our project. Experienced players in ACB, LEB Oro (…) but above all, each of them being players who share our objective. From my point of view, I think we have a good list left. However, before talking about favorites, the first thing we need to do is put the pieces together and see how they work.

In addition, it must be taken into account that the LEB presented to us is perhaps the most demanding in history, due to the accumulation of great teams that exist. Students, Andorra, Palencia or Valladolid are among those who will surely be in the fight for promotion.

Q: You say you are more than happy with the players who have signed. Were these the first options or did you have to work more than expected?

To be honest, that doesn’t usually happen, but the vast majority were our first options. We did very intense summer work, we spoke with many people to find out more about the people we were going to bring. We went slowly but surely and the truth is that we are more than satisfied with the team we have formed.

It’s the best we could do and it’s the one we wanted. He is endowed with great versatility, with very different players but the most important thing is that they come with the commitment and the desire to return to the ACB. We highly appreciate the mentality of each piece.

Q: Would it be a failure not to go up?

I think it’s still too early to talk about it. We know what our goal is. We are still doing a very important job, which is to prepare the team, and then another important job will come, which is the pre-season, to create our game and build this family team that we want to be, and from there, we will see.

What we can’t do is start talking about ACB in August because the only thing that’s going to bring is unnecessary anxiety and pressure. We know what the objective is and its complexity and from there the word failure will have to be analyzed in what is happening.

Obviously, we cannot be falsely humble, our goal is to rise.

Q: How do you feel knowing you’re going to have such strong support in the stands?

I feel an immense satisfaction and a great pride as well as a great responsibility. They were the first to renew without knowing who was going to play for the club and it only remains to thank them for their support and tell them not to doubt that this year they will see a real team on the track. We will work from day one to make them feel proud and enjoy every game.

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