Un Baskonia polivalente: una baraja plagada de comodines

A versatile Baskonia: a deck full of jokers

With the hiring of Darius Thompson, made official last Friday, Baskonia already has a squad of 12 players with whom to play the 2022-23 season, in the absence of a thirteenth man to put the icing on the cake before the end. steps. However, if in previous years it seemed clear what the role of each member of the team was going to be and what position they were going to occupy throughout the season, the versatility of many players that Peñarroya will have, who have occupied different positions throughout his career, casts doubt on how the rotation will be organized and what the club’s plans are with each of them.

Versatility is a characteristic that can be very useful in the world of basketball, since it allows greater flexibility with rotations, having fewer problems when it comes to covering losses due to injuries and getting better. adapt to the circumstances of each match and rival. In fact, it seems that this virtue is something that is valued positively in the technical secretariat of Barça since, after last season, Wade Baldwin and Jayson Granger played indistinctly as point guard and shooter, now they have hired two substitutes who have the same ability, as Darius Thompson and Markus Howard have held the two outside string spots throughout their careers.

Markus Howard will live his first season in Europe. | PHOTO: TWITTER 2 Asier Perez

The two North Americans are Baskonia’s big bets for their away game and are a step above Kurucs and Marinkovic, so they are expected to share plenty of minutes on the pitch. Due to height (1.78 for Howard versus 1.92 for Thompson), the logic would be for the former to start as a point guard and the latter as a shooter, but Darius has shown greater organizational ability, with averages of 5.8 assists per game. meeting in the Eurocup last year, so they can alternate roles perfectly.

A Baskonia deck full of jokers

The same goes for youth academy player Arturs Kurucs, whom Dusko Ivanovic, for example, repeatedly used as one, moving the ball upwards, while Spahija viewed the Latvian more as a shot-stopper. two shots. The other two local players also alternated different roles. Raieste is primarily a striker, but due to his ability to defend players of varying heights, he has also been seen playing for Baskonia as a shooter and as a power forward in small quintets as needed. ‘crew. He even played a few minutes like five in that fateful match last season against Panathinaikos, in which Enoch was the only Barca insider available due to losses. Sedekerskis, for his part, has also alternated small forward and power forward positions, and Peñarroya’s plans with him for this run are unknown.

A Baskonia deck full of jokers

As for Rokas Giedraitis, his natural position is as a striker but last season he was the team’s starting marksman due to Marinkovic’s poor performance and the presence of the untouchable Fontecchio in the three. Indeed, Félix Fernández defended at the beginning of the summer that the sports management had the Lithuanian as a shooter, but Fontecchio’s departure from the NBA could completely change his plans. Daulton Hommes arrived this summer in theory to cover the departure of Alec Peters to Olympiacos and play as a power forward, but he can also act as a striker, like Dani Díez, who, like Alfredo Salazar himself explained, can “play in Various positions”.


Finally, Matt Costello already proved last season that he was a wild card for Spahija and was able to perform at a good level as a power forward and as a center in the same game. The only ones who seem to have their position more marked are Marinkovic (shooter), Enoch (pivot) and Kotsar (pivot). Thanks to this, Peñarroya will have endless combinations for his quintets, having the possibility of playing from a small ball with Howard (1.78 m.), Thompson (1.92 m.), Giedraitis (2.00 m .), Men (2.03 m.) and Costello (2.08 m.) to a more physical quintet with Thompson, Giedraitis, Men, Costello and Kotsar (2.11 m.), with four players over two meters.

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