Harden and Durant, training and having fun in Barcelona

Harden and Durant, training and having fun in Barcelona

Kevin Durant Yes james harden went to a concert last week Travis Scott In London. They went out, had fun and chose to extend their stay in Europe before starting the pre-season of the NBA. They called a contact in Barcelona. Find us a basketball court to practice on, they told him. It’s done, we answered them. The two basket stars and their entourage boarded a private plane and headed to El Prat. For three days last week, they sweated a lot in the pavilion of the Bonanova Hall.

If the NBA world is waiting for a player’s fate, it’s right now during. The 33-year-old star wants to leave the Brooklyn franchise. The owner held a meeting with him in London without reaching an agreement. The Nets, as they hinted on Monday, are already preparing a practice without their reference player, who is dying to move to the Boston Celtics or, better yet, to the Philadelphia 76ers with his friend Harden.

The two shared a locker room in the Nets until last season and, curiously, much has been written that the poor relationship between the two led to Harden’s transfer to Philadelphia. In Barcelona, ​​they showed that it was not like that. Maximum complicity. They trained and had fun and vacationed together surrounded by a few friends.

large entourage

The two players, installed at the Hotel Vela, traveled each of the three days to the Salle-Bonanova accompanied, according to what certain witnesses told EL PERIÓDICO, by no less than a dozen people, including personal trainers, a physical therapist, friends who acted as “training partners”, bodyguards and even a photographer following in Harden’s footsteps. The two stars asked for discretion and that the few people present outside the group not take photos with mobile phones, although some blurry images have emerged on social media.

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Every day they showed up not too early, at noon, and trained for a few hours on a 34 degree day. They did physical warm-up work, individual technical exercises and then a shooting session. One of the witnesses explained to this newspaper that on the first day in particular, they were particularly bad. He had six consecutive missed shots for Durant, a rarity for a player of his extraordinary skill. Harden, who is repeatedly asked about his weight, appeared more stylish than usual in pre-season.

After two hours of assembly, they climb into the limo and a driver takes them back to the hotel by the sea. The rest of the day was devoted to fun. One, Durant, earns about $40 million a year; the other, Harden, about 33 million. This allows them to have a good time. At the end of the week, they returned to the United States. One knowing which team he will play for next season; the other, not yet.

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