Detenido un ojeador de Osasuna por presuntos abusos sexuales a menores

Osasuna scout arrested for alleged child sex abuse

Coach of Club Deportivo Varea de Logroño and scout for Osasuna, William de Sotowas arrested in recent days as alleged perpetrator of sexual abuse of minors, as confirmed on Tuesday by the Government Delegation in La Rioja. The arrest took place on Wednesday August 10, but for the moment he is already free after spending three days at the police station, according to the newspaper. La Rioja.

Besides training for CD Varea, the inmate had worked as a scout for the red club, but as the Navarrese team pointed out in a statement, since last June he no longer exercises any function for the entitywho also took the decision to end your contractual relationship with this person.

The coach missed training for the first team, which plays in the Rioja group of the third RFEF, on Thursday afternoon and the session scheduled for Friday morning without any justification, without the entity having any communication from what could have happened by the technician. Varea’s board then took the decision to drop Guillermo de Soto from the squad, fire the Bilbao coach for ‘absence without just cause’ and hand over to second-placed Israel Sáenz ‘Pitu’ coach, team management.

Rumors of the coach’s arrest have skyrocketed since the beginning of the weekend and have reached the ears of the La Rioja club’s executives who, however, have yet to receive any official communication that their former coach has been arrested, despite the fact that the government delegation has already confirmed it, La Rioja newspaper reported.

De Soto joined the team two seasons ago. He took charge of the Logroño ward in March 2021 and it was the second season he started as Varea’s first-team coach. In addition, since Ángel Aguado’s team had an agreed club with Club Atlético Osasuna, he worked as a scout within the department of tracking of the red structure. The Pamplona entity of the First Division is also already aware of the arrest and the investigation underway at this time.

In fact, following the arrest, the red club released a statement that We reproduce in full below:

Club Atlético Osasuna learned in recent hours of the arrest of a person linked to the club as a scout for an alleged case of child abuse. Given the seriousness of the events reported by the media and respecting the presumption of innocence to which everyone is entitled, the club wishes to make the following considerations:

  1. The functions that this person performed for Club Atlético Osasuna were basically two. On the one hand, he was in charge of relations with the clubs of La Rioja to transfer their needs to the rojilla entity, and on the other hand, he carried out reports, as a scout, of youth matches and of cadets. He never formed club teams or was responsible for the entity’s modernization centers, as it was erroneously published.

  2. Since last June, he no longer performs any function for the entity, which has also taken the decision to end its contractual relationship with this person.

  3. Club Atlético Osasuna also has a specialized family care system in its grassroots football which allows any abnormal behavior in the personal or training life of its players to be detected without, to date, having detected anything is related to this alleged case. In any case, the club is clear that its priority must always be to protect the integrity and personal development of all the players who are part of its grassroots football, a motivation that drives each of the decisions made by Club Atlético Osasuna. , also in this case.

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