'The difference is transformational': Shoppers say these anti-ageing face masks are working wonders from the first use
Say hello to brighter skin (Picture: 111Skin/Metro)

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Every so often a beauty product comes along with reviews so glowing, we have to sit up and pay attention. This is one of them.

The Celestial Black Diamond Face mask from 111Skin (£100 for five masks) is a game-changer when it comes to instant hydration and rapid anti-ageing effects – just ask shoppers.

Perfect for use before a big event, this nourishing mask instantly tightens, according to reviews, using Hydrogel to plump the skin up and create a bouncy, youthful appearance.

It’s also the perfect antidote to a heavy weekend or day in the sun – just pop it in the fridge if you want an extra-cooling effect.

The multi-section mask has been designed to treat different areas of the face for a more targeted approach. Packed with potent actives, it uses Diamond Particles to help powerful Peptides travel deep into the skin.

Goji Glycopeptides, a powerful active ingredient, helps to target fine lines, while Centella Asiatica, an anti-ageing herb, plumps the skin.

While the £100 price tag may be steep, you do get five masks for that price, meaning five glow-boosting treatments to use before big events.

We review and investigate a lot of new skincare buys on the daily, but the glowing reviews for this face pack really stand out, with shoppers saying they look ’10 years younger’ and their skin has ‘never felt this good’.

‘I’ve tried so many products on my skin. Deep pores, lines and hyperpigmentation (not pleasant) masked for years with foundations. I’ve been using these masks for a month and what can I say……amazing results,’ wrote one fan of the brand.

An instant hydrator, so says fans (Picture: 111Skin)

‘Even just after the first one, I noticed a marked improvement. Currently buying my next batch and looking at other products to enhance. Never felt so good!’

While another wrote: ‘Refreshing and instant action mask that my gf and I both loved and would definitely purchase again. Instant radiance in a mask. Suitable for sensitive skin too.’

And another shopper raved: ‘I used this mask after my vacation in Orlando and felt my skin was back to normal, refreshed, lifted and firmed. I no longer have to worry about damaged skin and I am sure I will continue to use it.’

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One fan enjoyed the years erased from their skin, writing: ‘I have used a lot of products but my skin has never looked as young, plump, line free and great as it did when I took this mask off. I wasn’t unfortunately going anywhere which was regretful!

And another said: ‘This is my favourite skin product ever. The difference is transformational – the mask leaves my face glowing and I look 10 years younger.’

We’re sold.