Thomson Carter
Rouge Avenue is alluring scent that can turn heads (Picture: Thomson Carter)

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If you want a scent that is perfect for date night, this fragrance is apparently quite the intoxicating one.

Douse us in it immediately.

As the iconic Samantha Jones once said, we’re just animals reacting to each other’s smells. So if you want a sensual fragrance for your next date night that is guaranteed to get your pheromones phere-moaning (see what we did there?) you need to check out this brand.

Thomson Carter London is a unisex fragrance brand that is all about aspirational luxury and boasts about being ‘proudly British’.

And no, that doesn’t mean its fragrances smell of rainy days and the faint whiff of a Cornish Pasty Store.

Their scents aim to tell a narrative, convey an emotion, or stir a memory. Sort of like when you smell a certain spray of the 90s and are instantly taken back to noughties clubbing days and Cheeky V cocktails.

Only in Thomson Carter’s case, something much classier.

Read on to see what happened, when tried the scent…

Rouge Avenue

Rouge Avenue

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The brand has a fresh fragrance called Rouge Avenue that is causing quite the hype. The brand describes the scent as ‘where autumn meets virality’, which kinda gives us a mental image of Pedro Pascal walking in crunchy leaves.

Rouge Avenue is both floral and woody and has notes of pink pepper, jasmine and cedar. It’s a feminine fragrance and is sure to get your date hooked from the first whiff. In fact, it claims to be intoxicating and alluring enough to captivate anyone who encounters it.

*bathes in scent and makes beeline for Jamie Dornan*

One satisfied customer wrote: ‘I really love the smell of these, Rouge Avenue in particular. I have had lots of comments on how nice I smell, will be getting 100ml next time.’

Metro tries Rouge Avenue

Kat says: ‘As a working mum to a toddler, my scent is often the spritz of deodorant I whack on first thing mixed with copious amounts of caffeine.

‘But after spritzing the Rouge Avenue on myself, I was really wowed by the scent. It was sweet and feminine without being too strong on the nostrils. It was subtle yet I was impressed by its staying power. After hours of sweating buckets on a 30 degree day in London, I was pleasantly surprised to be complimented by one of my neighbours on my perfume.

‘One of my son’s nursery workers also asked what I was wearing for perfume and the man who served me my morning coffee called me babe. I mean he calls me that every morning but this time it felt like it was from the heart.

‘I can’t say that it had potential suitors falling at my feet but the biggest takeaway was the confidence it gave me.

‘It’s a small thing but feeling good about the way I smelt and having people comment on it almost had me walking taller. I’ll definitely keep wearing it!’

The brand’s founder Thomson Carter has been obsessed with luxury fragrance since he was a kid. But his biggest aim was to create scents that felt luxurious without having a hefty price tag.

‘Luxury, to me, has always been about more than just the price tag,’ he insists.

And that’s just as well. Because times are tough. Butter and cheese are now only an option if we sell a vital organ on the black market and merely existing as an adult feels like a £30 a day habit.

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But Thomson Carter start from just £15 a bottle and you only need a small amount to make a lasting impression.

Sounds good to us!