Blurry vintage shadows silhouettes of mother and daughter.
Both little girls were under the age of 13 when they were attacked (Picture: Getty)

A dad has been jailed after he raped two of his daughters while they were both under the age of 13.

The 48-year-old attacked his own children before he was arrested in October 2014, in Namibia.

Their mum said she could not believe he was capable of such horrific acts, and described his relationship with his six children as ‘loving’.

She even told Mariental Regional Court that one of the victims was her dad’s favourite child.

The parent said: ‘My daughters have not forgiven him, as they do not want to hear about him.

‘I have forgiven him, but I cannot forget what he did, and I want him to go to jail.’

The dad, who has not been named to protect the victim’s identity, was sentenced to 20 years in prison last month.

His defence lawyer Linus Samaria tried to argue for a shorter sentence by saying the girls had not suffered any physical injuries from the rapes, The Namibian reported.

Their mum explained how one of her daughters became pregnant and dropped out of school – it is not clear whether the pregnancy was related to the attacks

She said: ‘The other one I had to take out of the school and move her to another school in a different part of the country as the children at the school used to tease her by saying she slept with her father.’

Prosecutor Eric Naikaku said: ‘The accused had authority and vested trust over the victims and took advantage of it.’

The dad has already been in jail for eight years and 10 months while waiting for his trial to conclude.

Magistrate Frans Anderson said: ‘It is important to state that the interest of society and that of the victims clearly outweigh the personal interest of the accused.

‘This calls for a strong and deterrent sentence, coupled with rehabilitation as an objective.

‘Direct imprisonment remains the only competent sentence for the accused.’

The dad was sentenced to 15 years for each of the two charges of rape, but 10 years of one will run concurrently with the other.

He was acquitted of a third charge of rape.

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