Jeremy Edwards
Jeremy has said goodbye to the acting world (Picture: Getty)

Hollyoaks star Jeremy Edwards has opened up about his new career after leaving the acting industry.

The actor, best known for his role as Kurt Benson in the Channel 4 soap, has swapped the showbiz world to become a drama teacher.

Jeremy, 52, decided to leave his talent agency after a brief return to Hollyoaks in 2020.

He said: ‘There are so many reasons why you can be out of work and I thought, this is so unpredictable and I have a family. I thought I’ve got thirty years of experience here, what am I doing?

‘I could be helping people’, he added while speaking to The Sun.

‘So I started doing some classes with people helping them with scripts and speeches and then it slowly developed into a business and now I work with various groups and I’m teaching kids in Hampshire.’

‘Sometimes I do five or six classes a week. Sometimes I will only do one or two.’

Jeremy made his arrival as Kurt Benson in Hollyoaks back in 1995. He departed in 1999, with Kurt’s sister being told he died in a jet ski accident.

During his return in 2020, Jeremy was hopeful it would eventually lead into a more permanent comeback.

Jeremy Edwards as his Hollyoaks character Kurt Benson
Coronavirus impacted how long Jeremy’s return was (Picture: Lime)

However, due to Coronavirus impacting filming, the time at his old stomping ground wasn’t as long as he thought.

He said: ‘I was supposed to be there for six months to a year, but COVID impacted that massively. They brought me in, which I thought was a mistake because it wasn’t what I thought it should have been. There was so many restrictions with filming that I couldn’t go near anyone and I only had one storyline.

‘I was in and out in less than three months with the promise that they’d bring me back properly when things calmed down but I haven’t heard anything.’

During Kurt’s return in 2020, he revealed to Tony that he’s only alive because his roommate in a hostel had been hit by the jet ski back in the 90s, leading to IDs being switched and falsely identifying the body as Kurt’s.

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