Kim Jong Un's chair wiped by a functionary wearing white gloves: did he fear Putin would poison him?
The security guard scrubbed the chair clean because we all know what Putin is like (Picture: LIFE/ East2west news)

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un might not be the best pals they make out to be after the North Korean leader’s chair was wiped ahead of a summit today.

A video shows the awkward scene where a North Korean security guard appears reluctant to let a Putin guard be the last man close to the chair before Kim sat in it.

It suggest Kim Jong Un might not trust Putin amid speculation he feared the high background radiation at Vostochny cosmodrome where the pair met.

Kim was not taking any chances because Putin’s cronies are known to use deadly agents Novichok and Polonium 210 to poison enemies or discarded friends.

Kim’s chair was also checked to ensure it would carry his heavy weight which is reportedly in excess of 20 st 6lbs.

He also refused to travel on a plane 948 miles from Vladivostok to the spaceport in Amur region on his first foreign visit since 2019.

Kim instead opted for a luxury armoured train on which he had travelled from Pyongyang.

This is because Russia’s skies are notoriously unsafe with one tourist plane crash landing this week.

And we all know how Yevgeny Prigozhin met his end when he was killed in a plane explosion just north of Moscow amid claims he was directly assassinated by Putin himself.

Kim is no innocent man either and has a track record of killing both enemies and friends.

He told Vladimir Putin that ‘great Russia’ will triumph over ‘evil’ as the two tyrants met for talks.

The pair even rounded off discussions by dining together with a wealth of local delicacies on the menu.

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